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Walking with the Presidents

By: Michael A. Endicott

The Renaissance of Richard Nixon: No one had an inside view of the renaissance of Richard Nixon after Watergate better than the Secret Service Agent by his side for fourteen years—Michael Endicott.This is a story about politics, history, and power. But, most of all, this is a story about a working-class kid from the south side of Tacoma, Washington, who became a Secret Service Agent and traveled the world, building a relationship with one of America’s most controversial Presidents, Richard Nixon, and Mrs. Nixon. This is a story about perseverance and friendship—and a story no one else can tell.Not the many presidential biographers and historians, and not even Nixon himself in his many memoirs, ever discussed Nixon the man who longed to rehabilitate his legacy—and how a Secret Service Agent became his confidant in reshaping history. Retired Secret Service Agent Michael Endicott spent thousands of hours with Nixon and fills in a vital puzzle piece in history that answers the question: Whatever happened to Richard Nixon when he waved goodbye to the White House, to a flawed presidency, in a nation that wanted to put Watergate behind them? As newly assigned detail leader, Endicott picks up the story after the Nixons’ five years in exile in San Clemente, California, and the statesman’s plan to “get back in the action,” with a move to New York. When Nixon gave up his Secret Service detail—the only President to ever do so—he hired Endicott to be his Chief of Staff, and the two of them changed the course of history as Endicott sneaked Nixon into Moscow for high-level diplomatic talks. He also accompanied the former President to his beloved baseball games at Shea Stadium and arranged family dinners and events. The book portrays Nixon as a father and grandfather, a very private man who eventually enjoyed meeting kids at McDonald’s when he longed to eat inside like a normal person or sign baseball programs when he insisted on sitting in the stands at games instead of in the skyboxes of friends. Contains over thirty private family photos, never before seen. REVIEWS“Fond memories of the travels and travails we shared when you were a member of my detail in the mid-1970s…[Michael Endicott] always dedicated and professional…and an enormous help to me.” Henry Kissinger, Secretary of State“This book on Nixon is sure to shed new light on a man who nobody really knew, and yet his foreign policy was the most consequential and brilliant.” Colonel John (Jack) V. Brennan, USMC (Ret.)Chief of Staff, President Richard Nixon“Mike Endicott, with his keen mind and quick wit, is just the man to write this book.” Colonel James M. Sims, USMC (Ret.) Amazon