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By: Robin Merrill

Large Print. She begged God to rescue her. He said, “Go.” So she headed out into the blizzard. In a car that wasn’t exactly hers, with a dog who wasn’t exactly a rat terrier, she drove. Until she ran out of gas in the small Maine town of Mattawooptock. Mattawoopwhat? What on earth is God thinking? But it is there, in a weird little bathroom in a weird little church in a weird little town that Maggie Hansen finds herself. And as God would have it, she finds a lot more than that.**Robin Merrill's first novel led to the creation of the Shelter Trilogy, but it was originally a standalone novel and can be read as such.**Includes book club discussion questions.**Perfect for readers who enjoy heartfelt, faith-filled romances, including those Becky Wade, Denise Hunter, and Karen Kingsbury.