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Midnight Angel

By: Lisa Kleypas

Accused of murder and sentenced to hang in her native Russia, beautiful Anastasia escapes to Victorian England, takes the name Karen Billings, and gets work as governess to the daughter of an arrogant yet grieving widower, Lord Lucas Stokehurst. Inevitably, sparks fly- first in a clash of wills, then in passionate love. Susan Duerden narrates in an elegant, melodic British accent, while creating distinctive voices for Kleypas's characters. She provides Anastasia with a Russian accent and Stokehurst with that of an upper-crust Englishman. Additionally, she produces a variety of specific, regional English dialects for the book's various servants and aristocrats. Duerden also narrates the descriptive sex scenes in a way that evokes the passion of the prose and will leave romance fans weak in the knees.