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Sno Valley Senior Center Library

Personal Safety Net: Getting Ready for Life's Inevitable Changes and Challenges

By: John W. Gibson

From birth to death we all have a fundamental need for connection. We especially need connections when facing life’s inevitable changes and challenges. Are you prepared for whatever may come up in your life? Be better set for success. We show you how. • an unexpected accident or illness? • a transfer, move, or deployment? • a major job change or retirement? • divorce and its aftermath? • crises for your parents or children? • a disaster in your community? In this book we show you how to intentionally create a Personal Safety Net made up of those plans, systems, resources, and especially people who strengthen your life. Enjoying this community of people in good times and having them there in hard times brings pleasure, security , and control. Given life’s inevitable changes and challenges, we believe everyone needs to be part of a strong team. The underpinnings for success are: • Effectiveness – doing anything well, and in time (Can always be enhanced by preparation and practice) • Learning – take in and understand new information (Happens throughout all of life and can be planned) • Community – a group of people with common interests (Essential to happiness and longevity and part of strength) • Kindness – being caring (“Do unto others as you would like done unto you”) • Security (secure) – feeling safe and protected (Enhanced through connection with others) • Power – control and influence to do something (Being able to see and affect choices and ask for help) • Hope – to have a wish for something to happen or be true in the future (A cornerstone of strength) • Humor – the ability to see that something is funny (Smooths the bumps, raises the spirits, and heals) Interested in learning more about teamwork? Get started building your Personal Safety Net today, and go deeper on the website.