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My Mother, My Son

By: Dwayne J. Clark

My Mother, My Son illustrates the power of love and a cruel twist of fate. A son who came from a struggling family that had little means was able to fulfill his mother’s lifelong dream to be successful, a “big shot” with all the status and trappings that entailed. Little did they know that her dream would end with a disease that had become an integral part of his livelihood. As Dwayne Clark became a successful executive in the senior living industry, his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease and became a resident of one of his memory care communities. Even though his life’s work dealt with the elderly and memory loss, he still has to come to terms with the diagnosis and the painful realization that his mother would one day forget who he was and the dreams and memories they had shared. This story chronicles the life of the author’s feisty and wildly devoted, single mother, her childhood in India, the memories of a struggling young family and the many life lessons that she taught him along the way. All of the profits from this book are being donated to the Potato Soup Foundation and the Alzheimer's Association. Amazon