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The Evening News

By: Arthur Hailey

From Follett A private crisis becomes front-page news when terrorists target a TV anchorman and his family in #1 New York Times?bestselling author Arthur Hailey?s riveting novel set in the high-pressure network news industry Anchorman Crawford Sloane, a respected reporter who made his name as a Vietnam War correspondent, thrives on the unpredictability of life in the newsroom. Whether he?s covering the imminent crash of an airliner in distress, terror in South America, or riots in Eastern Europe, or dealing with the cold-blooded politics of one of America?s premier news organizations, he never loses his cool. ? With terrorism dominating the evening news, Sloane takes precautions because he knows that as the face of American democracy, he?s a prime target for radicals. But when terrorists kidnap his family, he?s no longer reporting the news; he?s living it. Unwilling to rely on the help of ruthless network executives or the intrepid reporter who was once a rival for the affections of his wife, Sloane sets out to track down the kidnappers himself?and he soon learns that pure terror can lie behind the headlines.