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Prince of Swords

By: Linda Winstead Jones

A Sword and Sorcery Romantasy An evil has risen in Columbyana, and according to The Prophesy of the Firstborn only the eldest children of three Fyne women can defeat it. Lyr Hern, Prince of Swords as his father was before him, is the Firstborn destined to slay Prince Ciro with a magical crystal dagger. Before that can happen, he must find the dagger and return to the waiting army for one last battle. He does locate the weapon he was destined to wield, but in doing so he also finds Rayne, beautiful daughter of a dark wizard and the prince's betrothed. Rayne wants nothing to do with the evil Ciro who has claimed her as his beloved. She does not wish to be the mother to the "special" child he has promised her. In Lyr, she sees a rescuer, a champion. She elicits his promise to see her to safety, even though neither of them knows where safety can be found in such an uncertain time. Their journey becomes one of danger, betrayal, and unexpected love. Will that love be enough to