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The Walk-in

By: Gary Berntsen

From the Publisher A diabolical plot, a lone operative, and a threat far larger than anyone imagines . . . Writing with award-winning novelist Ralph Pezzullo, Gary Berntsen–longtime CIA operative and the field commander who cornered Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan–offers in this electric thriller debut a terrifying vision of where the next threat to America may come from. When a highly placed Iranian intelligence operative walks into a U.S. embassy claiming to possess explosive information, counterterrorism officer Matt Freed is dispatched to interview him . . . and is warned of an impending Iranian attack on the United States that could kill millions. With a possible catastrophe looming in less than two weeks, Matt's superiors reluctantly prepare for the assault, but Matt obeys his instincts and launches his own unsanctioned investigation. Ultimately, his efforts brand him as an out-of-control renegade, and he finds himself left out in the cold.