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Sno Valley Senior Center Library

I’ll Take Manhattan

By: Judith Krantz

Maxi Amberville is bold, brash and beautiful, a non-stop powerhouse with a passion for life's finest - in excess.At twenty-nine she's already enjoyed three husbands on two continents and holds court in a lavish apartment. A wilful hedonist, Maxi discovers that her talent for lust is matched by a hunger for hard work.When she learns that her late father's magazine empire is about to be sabotaged by her uncle and sold to the highest bidder, Maxi demands control of Buttons and Bows, the failing fashion trade weekly that was her father's first magazine.She enlists the aid of her hot-blooded ex-husband and enjoys the input of their sassy daughter, Angelica.With them, and a band of dedicated editors, Maxi turns her unbridled drive for excess into day-and-night labour, transforming Buttons and Bows into the most outrageously original and daring women's magazine in the country. Only Judith Krantz could have created this scintillating and extraordinary woman.Born into a world of riches and prestige, Maxi seizes her destiny and reinvents her life.What she learns about family allegiance, the magazine publishing industry, and especially about love, makes