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Keeper of the Keys

By: Perri O'Shaughnessy

a superb standalone thriller that will keep you turning pages into the dark of night...For single-mindedly ambitious, but troubled architect Ray Jackson, a nightmare begins one muggy California night when his wife, Leigh, disappears. There's no ransom note, no messages, no body--nobody knows if Leigh is dead or alive.Suddenly, when a strange woman--Kathleen, an old friend of his wife--shows up, demanding answers from Ray, he starts feeling defensive. Ray wants the truth too, but his questions seem off to Kat. Suspected by both his wife's friend and the police, Ray knows he must unravel the mystery before he's all but tried and convicted. Using a collection of keys that he's had since he was a boy--keys to all the homes that he and his mother used to live in, Ray searches each house, hoping to unlock the secrets of his childhood. When past and present crash up against each other, a terrifying mystery begins to unravel...Ray faces the most excruciating choice of his life--face up to his own violent history in order to prevent another heinous murder, or stay quiet and live with what will come.