Sno Valley Center Center Library

Sno Valley Senior Center Library

Angels Passing

By: Graham Hurley

This is the third of Graham Hurley's Portsmouth based Faraday and Winter novels. Why did fourteen-year-old Helen Bassam fall to her death from a tower block? A gesture of despair? Or does the blurred, shadowy figure of a young boy caputred on CCTV have a role in this tragedy? DI Joe Faraday is on the case, but almost before he gets started he is fighting for resources. The body of a small-time drug dealer is found hanging from a tree and the head of the Major Crimes Squad pulls in all the manpower he can get. Faraday plunges into Portmouth's bleak netherworld of wrecked families and children cast adrift in a society too fragmented to care. But as he tracks down the 10-year-old boy who may hold the key to Helen's death, he is faced with a crisis much closer to home...