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Sno Valley Senior Center Library

Mistletoe Brides

By: Penny Jordan

The Christmas Bride Silas Stanway still doesn't quite know how he ended up playing escort to Tilly Aspinall at a Christmas wedding in Spain. He'd expected her to be scheming and desperate—but instead she's sweet, honest…and beautiful. When they have to share a room, Silas just assumes this must be part of his escort duties. But how can he keep things strictly business when he's wanted Tilly from the moment they met—whatever the consequences…. Christmas Eve Wedding Jaz had an all-consuming affair with American businessman Caid Dubois—but betrayal forced them apart. Back in England, with the festive season approaching, Jaz discovers she has a new boss—Caid. And if that isn't enough, he wants the company apartment she's been living in! Jaz won't move, and Caid won't back down. Now she and this arrogant, irresistible man are thrust together in a whirlwind of suspicion, anger…and overwhelming passion! Amazon