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Sight of Proteus

By: Charles Sheffield

In the 22nd century, humans have gained the ability to not just heal themselves but alter their shapes at will. This ‘Form Change’ has sinister capabilities, with illegal experimentations in a scientific underworld. Charles Sheffield’s thrilling first novel explores what makes humanity human alongside an alien force and continuing legacies of ancient history. The first novel in the PROTEUS TRILOGY. "Charles Sheffield is one of the very best hard science fiction writers in the world." - Kim Stanley Robinson "Charles Sheffield is one of those SF writers who make the rest of us think seriously about a career in retail sales. In fact, the only reason we allow him to live is that we are SF readers, too. He has the scientific grounding of Clarke, the storytelling kills of a Heinlein, the dry wit of a Pohl or Kornbluth, and the universe-building prowess of a Niven -- and he may have a better take on psychology of spaceborn humans than anyone in the field." Amazon