Sno Valley Center Center Library

Sno Valley Senior Center Library

Shakespeare's Christmas

By: Charlaine Harris

For Lily Bard, the idea of “going home for Christmas” summons nothing but dread. She wants to stay in her real home in Shakespeare, Arkansas, where her friendships are blooming, nobody dares mess with her, and her new private-eye boyfriend could make it a very cozy holiday indeed. Back in Bartley, all people see when they look at Lily is a victim. But her sister is getting married, and Lily’s determined to give her family what they want. She’ll be present, be pleasant, and let her sister have the spotlight. Or so she thinks, until she discovers her boyfriend in town on a case, chasing a lead that could blow up the whole celebration. One of the little girls in Bartley isn’t who she thinks she is. And one of the town’s respectable parents is a cold-blooded kidnapper ready to kill to hide their secrets. For her sister—and her sister’s eight-year-old stepdaughter-to-be—Lily will find the truth. Even if it means she’ll never go home again…