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And Then She Fell

By: Stephanie Laurens

As the Matchbreaker, Henrietta Cynster is known for her gift for preventing a lady from marrying the wrong gentleman. So when Melinda Wentworth asks Henrietta to discern the real reason for James Glossup’s proposal, Henrietta investigates and learns that he must marry within a month or risk losing an inheritance from his great-aunt. She reluctantly informs Melinda of her ­fiancé’s true matrimonial motive, and then feels more than a few twinges of guilt when Melinda breaks off the engagement. So, vowing to find the right woman for James to wed, she marshals all of her social connections, but the more time she spends with James, the more convinced Henrietta becomes that she herself is that woman. With 50 historical romances to her credit, RITA Award–winning and best-selling Laurens is an expert crafter of irresistible love stories. The first in two Cynster Sister novels, this romance is richly imbued with breathtaking sensuality, pleasing wit, and just the right dash of intriguing danger. --John Charles