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Africa of the Heart

By: Joseph Hone

HEART& HOMEMaster Sergeant Sirletto Preer, along with his band of soldiers, survived the intensities of world war conflict. The war is winding down, and near an Army base by a quaint little French town, new battles arise in the form of morality, segregation, and home-sick young men wanting to go home to their families. These men also desire the aura, the scent, the voice, and the touch of a woman. Sirletto Preer sets out to preserve order and protect life; but his own life is saved by a mysterious woman who nurtures his hurt soul. Her aura inspires him to risk the fate of existence.Home & Heart intersects both sides of the ocean when lost and concealed love crisscrosses with foes committing crimes against women. Stationed in the vicinity – the French, Spanish, and descents of other societies reside; and the U.S. Army has sanctioned brothels for the soldiers on leave. Of course, the Negro soldiers cannot go near the brothels. Sirletto understands that he must hide and protect this distinctive sensual woman from senseless, dangerous, shadowy-like killers.Surrendering to love, friendships, and alliances, Sirletto uses his natural-born leader skills and morality; but he must also use conning deceptions, mixed with the use of his higher education, creative skills, and a streetwise sophistication to help navigate a ‘separate but not equal’ Army. Heart & Home is a historical romance that shines bright on passionate love, while giving hope for the future as we reflect back on the past