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The Devil's Laughter

By: Peter Brandvold

From the Publisher Saddle up for western action in this Lou Prophet, Bounty Hunter novel from Peter Brandvold. Lou Prophet loves to keep beautiful women company. But when the invitation comes from Miss Louisa Bonaventure, the Vengeance Queen, he finds himself intimate with hot lead instead of her warm female form. Louisa's got him riding the brutal Mexican frontier chasing outlaws led by Tony Lazzaro, a notorious thief whose deadly weapon, Sugar Delphi, is a blind and blood-hungry pistolera.While Lou and Louisa hunt for Lazzaro, they've got two gangs hot on their tail- vicious Mojaves hungry for white hides, and Mexican Rurales hungry for gold. They're not sure who's more of a threat, but decide to keep their enemies closer by riding with the Rurales. In a true case of the blind leading the blind, Lou Prophet prays that this pursuit ends with him on the right end of a smoking pistol...