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Wisdom of the 90s

By: George Burns

* From Publishers Weekly * At age 95, actor and humorist Burns, aided by amanuensis Goldman, delivers his ninth book in the same disarming style of its bestselling predecessors (his recording of Gracie: A Love Story won a 1990 Grammy). Again the veteran comic targets growing old: memory, eyesight and hearing all fail but they don't give up. An entertainer who wouldn't think of retiring, Burns knows that "old-timers don't have to come in first; they get credit just for showing up." Anecdotes ranging from his vaudeville debut at age seven through his heyday on stage and screen display the wit and timing that still draw audiences. Poignant memories of his wife and showbiz partner, Gracie Allen, who died 28 years ago, combine with his recollections of Jack Benny and other pals. The performer whose motto might be "never say die" is scheduled to appear at the London Palladium Theater five years from now; delighted readers will bet on his making it. Photos. BOMC alternate; audio rights to Harper Audio. Copyright 1991 Reed Business Information, Inc.