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The Complete Excuses Handbook

By: Lou Harry

From the Publisher The women's edition of The Complete Excuses Handbook is another great collection of self-justications that women can use again and again. They'll recognize a lot of them already, and marvel at what the authors have come up with. Everything from how to get out of date to why a project is late to what happened to dinner. This is the quintessential collection of excuses that every woman needs to have at her fingertips. A first-of-its-kind collection of excuses that are specifically designed for women and their unique position in the world From business executive, to mother, wife, lover, girlfriend or best friend - these are the excuses that will make a woman's life a little bit less stressful, a great deal more enjoyable and definitely more carefree. There are excuses for every occasion... to combat every unwanted social engagement, unwanted suitor, or simply the embarrassing manners of her significant other, children, family or friends. This is a laugh-out-loud book from the same author team that brought you THE COMPLETE EXCUSES HANDBOOK.