Sno Valley Center Center Library

Sno Valley Senior Center Library

Tea Rose

By: Erin Keeley Marshall

From the Publisher After helping to host Tea for Twos first Teas around the World tasting, Rose Young approaches the proprietor/cousins, Elaine Cook and Jan Blake, in distress. Roses mother died recently, and in going through her belongings, she found a death certificatefor herself! What could this document mean? What happened when Rose was a year old? The cousins search for truth behind this unsettling and reaches far beyond Lancaster, Maine, to a pivotal point not only in Roses life but also in history. Meanwhile, as the town prepares for its Fourth of July festival, much is at stake in the selectman election. Can Roses father, Clifton, win and preserve the charming character of Lancaster, or will greedy big-city outsider J. Eisley Segouri prevail with promises of big-box commerce? And Jans son, Brian, makes a tantalizing discovery that might help the cousins decipher the story of the sapphire ring found in one of the tearooms walls.