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Beyond the Comfort Zone

By: Bruce Genereaux

Beyond the Comfort Zone delivers a thrilling glimpse into the motivations, successes and failures of extreme sportsmen as they tackle Class 5 kayaking, rock climbing, extreme skiing and adventure racing. In this non-fiction adventure narrative, the counter cultural appeal of extreme sports is the vehicle for delivery of an accessible narrative that appeals to the connoisseur and armchair adventurer alike - validating and dignifying many readers' personal extreme sport experiences. Beyond the Comfort Zone is comprised of compelling, and at times, harrowing mountain couloir, whitewater river or cliff-side sagas. Settings include New England's Tuckerman's Ravine, Chile's Patagonia, California's Sierra Nevada, Arizona's Salt River Canyon, New Zealand's South Island, and Colorado's Rocky Mountains. Characters include internationally recognized cutting-edge players such as kayakers Corran Addison and Steve Fisher, climbers Royal Robbins and Derek Hersey, and adventure racer Blaine Reeves. Each Chapter delivers the reader the "hows" and "whys" of the world of extreme sports - those in which a mistake often results in debilitating injury or sudden death. Confessions' 220 pages includes 134 grayscale images and 12 hand-drawn location maps. Amazon