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Entlebucher Mountain Dogs - What I Wish I Knew

By: L. Liebrand

Wondering if the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is the right breed for you? Perhaps you want to try the Entlebucher lifestyle on for size before choosing the breed for you and your family? When Linda and her husband brought their gorgeous Entlebucher puppy Alfie home seven years ago, their lives changed overnight. Their heel-nipping, hyper-energetic dog failed puppy class and sent at least three local dog trainers packing before things finally clicked. In this book, Linda shows you what it's really like to live with 25 kg (50lbs) of pure love and affection, and how much time and effort has gone into shaping her Alfie into a responsible family dog. She shares interesting breed information along with stories and anecdotes from their life so you can avoid repeating her mistakes and start your own 'life in tricolour' on the right paw. You will discover: How to tell if an Entlebucher is the right dog for you and your family. A brief overview of the breed from an experienced owner's point of view. What breed-typical behaviour to expect with examples from real life. Exactly how much exercise these dogs really need, and why every Entle needs a job. Examples of common training mistakes, and how to add daily mental stimulation to your Entle's walks. How to prepare your Entle for life-changing events such the arrival of your baby, or a big house move. Why life with an Entle is more of a lifestyle than simply dog ownership.