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The Ghoul of Grays Harbor

By: Dennis Pence

It is 1910 along the raindrenched coast of┬┐ Washington state. Felton Connellyis trying to run from a past that haunts him. A past thattook the lives of his wife and two children. His dedication to being apolice officer kept him from being there that night to save his family. Hevowed to never do police work again.Until his friend Nolan Delford,an Aberdeen, Washingtondetective talks him into working undercover. A reluctant but capable Connellyagrees to aid Delford in his quest to bring one Billy Gohl, an Aberdeenthug, to justice. Gohl is suspected of murder and dumping the bodies into Grays Harbor. Many of the corpses have surfaced in the harbor with emptypockets, heads bashed in, and a bullet hole between the eyes. Two women vie for Connelly's attention.One of great beauty, the other a plain but strong young widowwith two sons whose husband was done away with by Billy Gohl.Not only must Connelly bring Gohlto justice, but he also must choose which woman he wants. If his haunted pastdoesn't get in the way.