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The Viscount Who Vexed Me

By: Julia London

From the Publisher An abundance of sharp wit andromantic chemistry. BooklistonLast Duke Standing Daring. Darling. Determined. Next to the Seasons newest diamond, Harriet (Hattie) Woodchurch feels like a plain Jane. But thats of no consequence, since Hatties plan for her future is to earn enough to live far, far away from her embarrassing family. That is until Mateo Vincente, Duke of Santiava and newly minted Viscount Abbott, arrives in London. While the shy Europeans spoken English is impeccable, his writing is less fluent. The ton is eager to meet the handsome bachelor, and so many invitations flood in that Mateo needs a correspondence secretary. With her perfect penmanship and way with words, Hattie is recommended, and the two bond over books and the tons eligible ladies. But when Hatties friend Flora becomes smitten with the viscount, things get complicated. Flora is tongue-tied in his presence. To help, Hattie feeds her information about Mateos interests. Soon things turn around and Flora appears on track to become his duchess. Yet for Mateo, somethings not quite right. Conversation with Flora isnt as scintillating as it is with Hattie