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Killer Hair

By: Ellen Byerrum

In the first Crime of Fashion mystery, fashion reporter Lacey Smithsonian tackles a deadly fashion crime in Washington, D.C., "The City Fashion Forgot." A beautiful dead hairstylist, a straight razor, a horrendously bad haircut: The cops call it an open-and-shut case of suicide, but Lacey's subtle style instincts (and her punk hairstylist, Stella) all say it's murder. Amid ditzy diva stylists, a fog of D.C. scandals and conspiracies, and a wave of "assisted" suicides, Lacey must tease out the twisted truth before she becomes the victim of the Capital City's next fatal coiffure, assisted by her unstoppable stylist, a short-circuited psychic, and the one man she thought she'd never have a second chance with. And they say a bad haircut can't kill you--or can it?