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Sno Valley Senior Center Library

Bad for Each Other

By: Billy Green

Getting assigned to interview Dylan Tate was an incredible coup for Keely Durant the spectacularly handsome actor and sax player hadn’t talked to the press for years, but how could she tell her editor that five years earlier she and this hero of a million women’s fantasies had shared a sizzling affair? There had only been Dylan, all hard strength and moody blues, she’d been too young and untouched, while he was too cynical and shadowed by pain. They fought like mad and made each other crazy,then parted in fury, their dreams shattered. Now Dylan was back in Texas,back in Keely’s life, but talking to him,being close to him, triggered new battles and ignited irresistible flames of passion that never truly died.Dylan had always known he had music in him, but never beauty until he held Keely in his arms. Could she make him understand that her love was the song he kept writing and couldn’t finish without her? Book cover